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Glad you found the way to my homepage. I am a freelance software engineer with many years of practical experience in the industry doing mainly system design and programming. If you are interested in my services, please contact me at the above mentioned email address or phone number. 

In my projects I gathered experience with the following programming languages, development environments and tools : 
Languages / Environments / Tools Top of page
  C programming 15 years
  C++ programming 10 years
  Java 15 years
  Objective C 8 years
  Google Android native application development 6 years
  Apple iOS native application development 2 years
  Pascal 5 years
  Smalltalk 2 years
  PowerBuilder 5 years
  PB components for Sybase EAServer 1 year
  Oracle 6 years
  Sybase 5 years
  CDL-2 2 years
  VMS 6 years
  Unix (various vendors) 13 years
  Windows system programming 8 years
  OS/2 2 years
  NEXTSTEP / Openstep 8 years
  Siemens ORG/M 2 years
  Lex / Yacc 8 years
  BMC Patrol KM development 2 years
... ...

Below you find a brief overview of some of the projects I realized: 
Projects (Excerpt) Top of page
  1985-1986  Design/Implementation of the geometry kernel for a 2D CAD application
  1987  Operating system for a fault tolerant multi-processor-system (underwater robot)
  1988-1990  Warehouse realtime control and management system including implementation of a DBMS
  1989  Design of an event-oriented UI for dumb terminals (runtime system + UI description language + translator)
  1990-1991  Design/Implementation of an OO programming language (compiler, runtime, RDBMS interface...)
  1991  Inter process communication module on top of Novell IPX/SPX
  1992-1993  Voice mail kernel and -applications with interface to Oracle database
  1994-1996  WYSIWYG-Editor implemented as Windows DLL for a PowerBuilder application
  1996-1998  Design/Implementation of the kernel of a major newspaper adtaking application (using Sybase)
  1999-2000  BMC Patrol Knowledge Modules, e.g. a versatile logfile adaptor and Netware print server monitoring
  2000  Windows application for recognizing text in TV broadcasts (using Abbyy FineEngine OCR and Hauppauge WinTV SDK)
  2000-2001  Java-Client and C++-Server, part of a professsional print management software package
  2002-2005  Various enhancements (hyphenation, spellchecker, Unicode) to the above mentioned WYSIWYG-Editor and to the newspaper adtaking application.
  2006-2007  Design/implementation of SOA components in PowerBuilder-Sybase-EAServer project for integrated print+web solutions
  2008  Design/implementation of a native Apple iPhone multimedia application which acts as a client of an enterprise application server
  2010-2011  CEO Tоuching Code Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand. Focus: Android App development
  2013  C++ projekt: server monitoring in mainframe + Unix data centers, log file monitoring, data format conversion, data verification, data repair
Design/implementation of native apps for Google Android and Apple iOS devices

Some of my apps:

  NORTEC Trade Fair
  z'app die zettelapp (Free Ads)
  Stip Pedometer App
  Müritz App (Tourism)
  ILA Berlin Air Show
  ITB Berlin Tourism Fair

Member of   App Entwickler Verzeichnis
Android Architect & Senior Developer at VOLKSWAGEN AG, Wolfsburg

In this position I was responsible for several apps:
Android-App which is part of vehicle fleet administration system with automated driver's logbook, logging of routes, petrol stops, driver's authentication, with direct connection to vehicle via OBD/bluetooth to query the available vehicle parameters. The logged data is being synchronized via JSON/REST-API with the vehicle fleet administration system which runs on a SAP backend.
Android tablet app, a showcase for a security solution for big trucks. The showcase runs on several Nexus 10 tablets which communicate in a LAN.
Android Wear smart-watch application, a Connected-Car showcase to be shown on an auto fair. The user can select certain functions on his Android Wear smart-watch which will be triggered on the connected car, e.g. unlock/lock doors, media player functions etc. Additionally certain information from the car can be displayed on the user's watch, like fuel consumption, fuel capacity, mileage etc.
Android showcase-app for display of wrong-way drivers on highways which are detected automatically. The time and coordinates will be displayed in the app, accompanied by a Google map display.
Enhancement of the Android-Wear smartwatch application which was started at the end of 2014 and served as a Connected-Car showcase for car expos. The Android companion app can now also be displayed on tablets and includes new scenarios for the showcase, including Digital Car Key functions.
Redesign and Re-implementaion of an Android-App which is part of vehicle fleet administration system with automated driver's logbook, logging of routes, petrol stops, driver's authentication, with direct connection to vehicle via OBD/bluetooth to query the available vehicle parameters. The app will now be connected to a new backend server and the evaluation of car values will be enhanced.
Android Architect for Mobility Media GmbH, a BOSCH subsidiary in Berlin

Responsible for the communication with offshore and nearshore development teams, creating concepts for technical architecture, security assessments, all for a Connected-Car project and accompanying SDK for Android, iOS which connects to a backend/portal system.

Social Media App

Implementation of a social media featute in a well established app for secondary school students. Users can share messages and pictures, the shared items can be voted for and are ranked by popularity etc.

Android/Backend Architect Automotive

Android/Backend Architekt and Lead Developer for a German automotive company which develops and sells engine tuning modules. The newly developed smartphone app controls the engine module via Bluetooth and can also display live engine data from the module in graphical instruments. The app communicates via REST API with a central backend. I was responsible for design/implementation of the Android app and the backend server, as well as coordinating the iOS app development for this project.


The following is some software I want to make available to the general public. It is free software i.e. you can use it and distribute however you want to, as long as you do not charge for it and do not modify the distribution files (e.g. by removing my copyright notice). Just click on the link to start downloading. 
Free Downloads Top of page
Download Setup-Words.exe  Words Screen Saver (471 k) Version 1.32 
A Windows screen saver for displaying short passages of text like jokes, poems or single words with various effects. Contents and appearance can be modified to your own liking. Comes with English and German text files containing jokes, quotations, word lists and short poems. For Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Very easy installation and un-installation.

Screenshots:                  single word mode                  qutoation / joke mode

Download Setup-More-Jokes-1.exe  More English Jokes - Part 1 (746 k) 
An add-on package with lots of more English jokes from the Linux Fortune Distribution: black humor, computers, definitions, drugs, education, food, fortunes, humorists, kids, law, limerick, linux, literature, love, medicine. (Words Screen Saver has to be installed first).

Download Setup-More-Jokes-2.exe  More English Jokes - Part 2 (729 k) 
Another joke package: men-women, news, people, platitudes, politics, privates, religion, riddles, science, sex, songs-poems, startrek, wisdom, work. (Words Screen Saver has to be installed first).
Download  Memtrack Memory Monitor (60 k) 
A programmer's tool for Win32 programming which keeps track of all sorts of memory usage of your application. A miniature reading is permanently visible in the system tray, a detailed history of memory usage can be displayed graphically. Best suited for Windows NT 4.0, but also works under 95 / 98. Windows 2000 and XP are not supported yet.
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